Supplementary pension scheme

A company pension scheme enables you to provide your staff with attractive extra-legal advantages. "Advantis" is a complete and adaptable range of covers that enable you to build up extra retirement savings in the form of a lump-sum or annuity benefit and also includes various personal protection extra covers (death, disability, accident).


A well-structured supplementary pension scheme enalbes you to :

  • Optimise your tax position
  • Supplement the State pension for your employees with a deferred occupational income
  • Protect your family in the event of death or incapacity
  • Optimise your pay policy
  • Gain the loyalty of your employees
  • Increase personal motivation and satisfaction
  • Have an additional advantage to offer in your recruitment strategy


Here's what we can do for you...

With advantis, your company is unique.

We are, as specialist at your side to:

  • Analyse your expectations as regards supplementary pensions scheme
  • Define your needs in savings and risk covers
  • Adapt their scope and financing to suit your budgetay constraints
  • Optimise your tax position
  • Draw up the rules for your supplementary pension scheme
  • Inform your staff
  • Register your scheme with the Inspection Générale de la Sécurité Sociale" (IGSS)

We provide assistance to ensure absolute clarity regarding new legal provisions, tax laws introduced on supplementary pension schemes.


"Defined contribution" pension scheme

You control the financing cost, expressed as a flat-rate or a percentage of the wage. The benefit at term depends on the form of capitalisation selected, at a guaranteed rate or in Investment fund (unit of account).

  • Capitalisation at a guaranteed interest rate, which makes benefits secure, incremented by profit sharing;
  • Personalised financing in funds, to meet your investment strategy and your desire for profitability.

"Defined benefits" pension scheme

Advantis enables you to evaluate the necessary budget for your targets and to control the constraints involved in financing it over time.

Personal employee contributions

Your pension scheme can be usefully supplemented by personal contributions from your employees, which they can deduct from their taxable income (article 110 § 3 L.I.R.).

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